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Based in Toronto, Optik K&R is 100% independent and Canadian. Our 22,000 sq. ft. optical lab runs 24 hours a day to ensure the fastest turnaround time for all our glasses, lenses, frames, safety eyewear and contact lenses. 

❗️NOTICE❗️ May 1st, 2021:

With the holidays approaching, there may be unavoidable delivery delays up to two weeks. We ask for you and your client’s patience as orders may take longer to arrive.

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6 days ago

Foundation for new addition has been poured.

2 weeks ago

Forms in place.

3 weeks ago

Starting to form the foundation 👀

4 weeks ago

After a long days work digging the foundation for our expansion, the excavator found the perfect parking spot 🅿️🚧

1 month ago

Super Light Weight! 10g frame and lenses made for one of the staff.

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