Jena B


Introducing the new Jena B lens, a digital Freeform bifocal with no llines.

Over 19% of Presbyopes still prefer segmented bifocals over progressives. These people are loyal bifocal wearers who are reluctant to try progressives because of the price or a prior negative experience.

Now thanks to advances in freeform optics, the Jena B can provide clear distance and reading just like a bifocal without the line or perepheral distortions.

The Jena 4K - Ultra High Definition


The Jena 4K lens is the new ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION standard with the best optics ever achieved by our German Design team. The JENA 4K lens can outperform the best the competition has to offer. The Jena 4K engineers incorporated the latest design technology and science to create a new class of progressive optics - ULTRA HD.

Contact Lenses Returns - Policy Update


Contact lenses may be subject to a 10% restocking fee. Most Disposable Contact lenses have a no return policy.

Choose your corridor design with Jena HD lenses!


Now you can choose your corridor design with Jena HD lenses!
Sometimes, you want the freedom to select short or regular corridor lengths when ordering free-form lenses. Now you have that liberty. When ordering your Jena Premium or Jena W lenses, you now can select one of the following:

Lab Decides (Default)

Short Corridor (small narrow frame)

Regular Corridor

If you are unsure which to choose, simply leave the field blank and we will decide the most appropriate corridor length.

New series of economic eyeglass lenses


An ever more competitive world, demands more Economical options. The E-Series satisfies that need.

New Jena W


Wider, Sharper and TruerVision with Jena HD. Jena HD lenses are custom made to your needs. By using your individual prescription, facial and frame measurements, we provide you sharp vision across a wide area.

FreeForm Eyeglasses


The Jena Digital Free-Form High Definition progressive addition lens utilizes an ultra-modern design to provide unparalleled clearer, wider vision. State- of-the-art German precision optical equipment, reproduces the exact digitally engineered contour by moving in a matrix pattern over the lens surface.

Coating Lab purchased


One of Canada's only Ophthalmic lens coating laboratories is built and begings production of LuxAR super hydrophic Anti-reflection lenses. This advaced coating laborortory also can apply a hard coat and mirror coat.

MEI Edger


Optik K&R purchases the world's most advance platform for processing eyeglass lenses shapes the MEI641. This advanced technology allows lenses to be mounted in almost any type of frame including sports wraps like Oakley, Nike, drill mount, safety frames, and a variety of custom styles.

CooperVision Rigid Manufacturing Purchased


Regarded as on of Canada's best Rigid lens manufactures, the aquisition of Coopervision's Canadian RGP laboratory operations added unique lenses designs, trademarks, skilled personel to Optik K&R's modern manufacturing capability.



The seriousness in which Optik K&R takes quality was demonstrated in 2004 when ISO 13485 registration was achieved. This internationally quality standard ensures that the company's quality policy of continual improvement will be a primary focus.

New Facility


In 2003, the Company principals purchased a 22,000 sq.ft. building in Toronto and built modern manufacturing facility.

Online Presence


Optik K&R's on-line presence is launched, providing a greater level of customer service. Order and account status are presented in real time in addition to product information and specials.

Eyeglass Lab begins


An eyeglass lens laboratory is purchased and modernized. This facility further establishes Optik K&R's commitment to be a total ophthalmic supplier by manufacturing, finishing and distributing eyeglass lenses and associated products.

Adds Automated Freeform Technology


Optik K&R becomes the first North American company to acquire a 6-axis contact lens lathe with an Air Bearing Rotary (ABR) table. At the end of this same year, Optik K&R adds automation to all the lathes in its laboratory.

First to Used Dac FreeForm Technology


Optik K&R becomes the first North American company to acquire a 2-axis Oscillating Tool Technology (OTT) Toric Lathe.

Purchases Soft Contact Lens Manufacturer


Optik K&R purchases custom soft lens laboratory and tinting facility from Ocular Sciences / American Hydron.

Purchases RGP manufacturer


Optik K&R purchases Viscon Ontario Contact Lens Manufacturing, a well-established RGP contact lens manufacturer.

Begins Distribution of Contact Lenses


Optik K&R begins the distribution of soft contact lenses after Canada's only major contact lens distributor closes operations. Six months later, OPTIK K&R begins importing and distributing optical accessories and sunglasses.

OPTIK K&R Incorporated


Optik K&R is founded, and aims to fulfill the growing need for high quality optical products at reduced prices, beginning with ophthalmic frames.