Every clip-on is hand crafted by our in house experts and customized to your frame shape and curvature. Compatible with our various colored tints, Polarized, G-15 and mirrored finishes. We can match the color of the clip on to the frame’s front, side or bridge!


Our classic browline design clips onto the frame with small padded hooks and fits perfectly snug. Made of Monel and stainless steel, it’s super lightweight and sturdy. The pliable design and material makes clipping on and off easy!


Align one corner of the clip-on with the frame and secure it in place. Gently stretch the other side to wrap around the rest of the frame. It should fit perfectly on top with no gaps.


Clip off is just as easy! Simply do the reverse: gently stretch one side of the clip-on outwards to release it from the frame. Move it the opposite direction to loosen the other side. 


Your frame is sent to our lab with a form that specifies customization details, like the color of the clip-on and the tint of the lens. Next, we tint and cut the lens to match the shape of your frame. Lastly, our expert craftsmen meticulously assemble all the components of the clip-on together by hand.

After final quality inspections, we safely package the clip-on into a thin, hard clamshell case. We ship it to your optician along with the original frame. You can expect to receive the order within a week!*

*This is only an estimate and not guaranteed. Some delays can happen that is out of our control but we do our best to ensure the turnaround time is quick as possible. 

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