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  • Removes organic contaminants
  • Improves wettability of RGP lenses
  • Improves deposit resistance
  • Makes surface more hydrophilic
  • Maximizes comfort for lens wearer

How does it work?

Using a specialized vacuum chamber, the contact lenses are hyper cleaned using oxygen plasma. This removes all organic contamination and residual debris at a nanoscopic level without changing the core material. Furthermore, oxygen plasma reacts with the surface of the material to form a variety of molecular structures that can enhance wetting. Plasma treatment is done under high vacuum and with no chemical waste!

The Results

Plasma treated RGP contact lenses have a significant reduction in wetting angle (up to 54%). The increased surface wettability makes it more comfortable for wearers for longer and inhibits deposits.


  • Improves wettability
  • Increases lens surface water retention
  • Minimizes deposits and lens fogging
  • Increases lubricity
  • Enhances patient comfort

How does it work?

Tangible Hydra-PEG  is a 90% water coating designed to fill the microscopic pits inherent in contact lens materials and build up into a lubricious, wettable layer that encapsulates the lens.

The coating shields the tear film from the hydrophobic lens material so that the only thing exposed to the eye is a surface that closely matches the eye’s natural environment.

Intended for:

  • Dry eye sufferers
  • Patients with comfort issues
  • Patients adapting to corneal lenses
  • Heavy depositors
  • Patients with scleral fogging
  • Patients with compromised tear film

E.g. In the image above, we compare the impact of treatments on a sclera lens dipped in black color lipid. The lipid sticks to the surface of the lens even when it’s wetted. Lenses treated with Tangible Hydra-PEG resists deposits from sticking to the surface of the lens. This reduces protein and lipid depositions, resulting in improved wettability, comfort and vision.

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